Bill Maher Wins Prestigious ‘Smartest Idiot’ Award

Bill Maher Wins Prestigious ‘Smartest Idiot’ Award

LOS ANGELES, CA–It was long overdue, but HBO’s Bill Maher finally took home the ‘smartest idiot’ award at the latest Hollywood awards show.

Maher won the title after consistently being only two years behind the intelligent people when it comes to knowing what the sweet hell is going on in our society.

“We sit in awe of how ahead of the curve Bill is,” Sean Penn said before handing Maher the trophy shaped like a horse’s ass.  “Just last week, he said he doesn’t think Americans like being lit on fire by Antifa.  Then he said Americans don’t love listening to Hillary Clinton forcefully pretend to laugh.  I mean, where does he get this stuff?” 

Maher accepted the award but then begged the Democratic party to stop being so stupid because Americans no longer get any of his ‘Republicans are so stupid’ jokes.  

“I have one joke, you guys.  And you’ve ruined it!” he snapped on stage and stomped his foot.

Update: After he cautioned against Americans taking the 8th booster shot, the RNC has unanimously agreed to replace the Lincon Memorial with a statue of Maher.  

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