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Wal-Mart Sends Puzzling Tweet To Senator Josh Hawley

Wal-Mart Sends Puzzling Tweet To Senator Josh Hawley

On Wednesday Republican Josh Hawley tweeted that he was not super thrilled that Joe Biden stole the Presidential election.  Naturally, Americans sat back and waited for Wal-Mart’s response. 

Minutes later, the mega store came out swinging.

“Sum ting wong with Josh Hawree!  Bidon win!  Hawree so redicurus!” their tweet read.

It was an odd response that, for some reason, reminded everyone of Wal-Mart’s deep ties to communist China.

“Ummm. I’m pretty sure an angry Chinese official runs Wal-Mart’s Twitter account,” the Missouri Senator replied.  “Xi Jinping?  Is that you?”

Hours later Wal-Mart apologized for the tweet.  “We accidentally forgot that LeBron James was actually manning our social media on Wednesday,” they stated. 

Unfortunately for the retail giant, 80 million Americans accidentally forgot to shop there ever again.