CNN Job Fair Accidentally Hires All Project Veritas Spies

CNN Job Fair Accidentally Hires All Project Veritas Spies

In a recent CNN job fair, the network made a colossal mistake by accidentally filling all twenty-two openings with Project Veritas spies. As more information is learned, CNN would be completely humiliated if they still possessed the ability to feel shame. The Project Veritas moles entered the network on high alert and ready to document any unethical practices. However, once the new hires saw how sloppy CNN was, many of them let their guards down. Several of the moles would occasionally wear their official Project Veritas polo to work and they even all asked for the same time-off to attend: “Debrief with O’Keefe”.

Despite the undercover group’s many high profile reports, most people working at CNN still believed Project Veritas to be an experimental burrito company. However, Brian Stelter was aware of O’Keefe’s crew and was not too pleased. “DAMN IT!” Stelter yelled with a mouth full of Hot Pocket. “REALLY, RANDY? You’re one of O’Keefe’s boys?! You’re not going to tell them about the petting zoo and Chris Wallace, are you?!”

The Project Veritas team was never actually caught by CNN. They just had collected so many terabytes of incriminating information, they felt they needed to stop.

UPDATE: In a surprising twist, CNN has asked the Project Veritas team to stay on as they’re the only people that did any actual work.