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Biden, “I Told the Sunday Shows they had 6 hours to uninvite Giuliani And Son of a [Explicit]!”

Biden, “I Told the Sunday Shows they had 6 hours to uninvite Giuliani And Son of a [Explicit]!”

Joe Biden and his campaign had themselves a good laugh Sunday night after they successfully pressured all the networks to withdraw their invitation for Rudy Giuliani to appear on their shows.

Before the ban, the former New York Mayor was on ABC with George Stephanopoulos showing court documents, sworn affidavits and other proof that undercut Biden’s narrative.

“All these official documents really prove is that you’re being a total jerk to our Joe!” Stephanopoulos yelled getting noticeably emotional and running off the set.

But that was Giuliani’s only news appearance before the Biden camp demanded he be stopped.

Speaking in front of a friendly gathering of supporters, Biden couldn’t help but gloat at what he had accomplished.

“You know, all these news shows were scheduled to have ol’ Rudy on today. I looked at my watch and I said, ‘you have 6 hours to cancel those interviews,” Biden said with a smirk. “And son of a [explicit]!” he concluded slapping his knee and throwing his head back laughing.

The small crowd erupted with laughter and eventually needed to wipe tears from their eyes.

However, people within the Biden campaign are growing concerned with Joe’s increasingly frequent “you’ve got 6 hours” threat.

“Just the other day, the Des Moines Register told us they decided to endorse Elizabeth Warren.” A senior campaign official began. “Joe looked at his watch and told them they had 6 hours. It’s such a vague and cryptic threat people just do whatever he wants.”

Update: Joe Biden has used the “You’ve got 6 hours” threat a dozen more times on Monday. He eventually got the Des Moines Register’s endorsement, a Purple Heart award that Hunter always wanted and a cherry parking spot at the Cedar Rapids Marriott.