Biden’s Approval So Low Hunter No Longer Wants To Be Seen With Him During Drug Deals

Biden’s Approval So Low Hunter No Longer Wants To Be Seen With Him During Drug Deals

BALTIMORE, MD–Democrats everywhere are refusing to appear alongside President Joe Biden and you can now add Hunter to that list. 

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Reportedly, Hunter is now leaving his father in the car as he conducts his criminal activity in the Baltimore area.

“Hey Pops, tell you what, you stay here and keep the seat warm,” Hunter explained while rapidly rubbing his teeth in the sun visor mirror. “Use some of that classic Biden gas you’re famous for.”

Joe, who still doesn’t understand that everyone hates him, was overheard pleading with Hunter.

“Awe, c’mon man. Let me come. I still got it. Remember when I gave that prosecutor six hours to bury your….uhh… those dead hookers in the… White House lawn.” Joe said trailing off.

Finally, Hunter relented and allowed his father to attend an important drug deal.

“Seriously? You brought Sniffs?” Anthony Weiner scoffed at Hunter. “I’m trying to run a clean operation selling opioids and sex trafficking and you bring the guy who totally botched the Afghanistan pull out? I just don’t feel comfortable being seen with someone like that. We have reputations, ya know?”

Once the two Biden men were in a dimly lit apartment with dozens of criminals, Joe inadvertently asked everyone, “Did you guys…ya know, the thing?” This enraged the hostile men and they screamed at Hunter, “You told him about the thing?! We said no one ever mentions the thing!”

Update: The two barely escaped as hundreds of bullets began flying, making it one of the more successful days of the Biden presidency.

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