Virginia Car Accident Leaves Three Injured, Two Democrat Voters

Virginia Car Accident Leaves Three Injured, Two Democrat Voters

Early this morning, a multi-car accident happened in Loudoun County, VA.  The wreckage left three injured and two Democrat voters the coroner informed at the scene of the crash. 

Eyewitnesses said the Virginia Democrat officials arrived in their blue minivan and poured onto the scene with their clipboards and little “I Voted” stickers.

“It was awful.  It all happened so fast.  Within minutes of the crash several people were not only registered, but had cast several votes for Terry McAuliffe each,” said an emotional onlooker.  “Then the election officials took the money from their wallets and thanked them for their generous donation to Virginia Democrats.”

Citizens are demanding answers as the ambulance was a whopping twelve minutes late to the scene.  

“Some blue van railroaded us into a ditch!” a furious paramedic explained.  “They flipped us off and screamed, ‘get out of the way before we defund you too!’”

Loudoun County election officials released the following statement:

“While some might consider today a tragedy, we consider it a mild contribution to the greater good.  These motorists died doing what they loved; voting for liberal Democrats.  Lastly, we’ve heard your complaints about our election officials trying to add to the body count by attempting to strangle the other survivors and those complaints have been noted.”

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