Source: Joe Biden Devastated To Learn About Videotape

Source:  Joe Biden Devastated To Learn About Videotape

A source close to the Biden campaign is reporting the former VP is horrified to learn about the video camera.  In particular, Joe is livid to learn about how these devices can capture a politician’s statements and be recalled at a later date. 

“They do WHAT?” Biden could be heard yelling shortly after walking off the debate stage.  “So when I promised that I’ve never been against fracking—you’re telling me everyone can see me saying the…the…ya know, the thing?!”

Joe then explained how he didn’t want “one of these contraptions” anywhere near him.  “Thank God these video cameras seem to be big, easy-to-spot black things.  I’ll just avoid the darn things.”

Biden then blew a gasket when every single staffer showed him they all had video recording capability in their pockets.

Once he was resuscitated using BidenCare, his staff alerted him that he owed $7,200 to cover the cost. 

“Ok, I’ll pay up.  HUNTER!  Give them a pallet of cash,” Biden yelled.  “At least technology hasn’t advanced to uncover what we did in Ukraine.  Right, son?”