Ron DeSantis: 'After I'm Elected, I Will Fix All The Voter Fraud'

Ron DeSantis: 'After I'm Elected, I Will Fix All The Voter Fraud'

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Speaking on Fox New’s little-known show, Tucker? I Hardly Know Her, Ron DeSantis promised to deliver Republicans something they’ve not had in a while—their vote.

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“But first, I need all the votes to count before I can make them count again,” DeSantis clarified. “As the Governor of Florida, I had the authority to make the election fair. And my question for Donald Trump is, with states like Georgia and Arizona cheating, why..uhhhh, wasn’t he the Governor of those states?”

With many on the right, DeSantis’ logic seems to be air-tight.  

“Will someone please hand me my helmet? Because I am so astonished my head’s about to explode,” Ben Shapiro told his audience. “DeSantis is actually going to fix this problem instead of whining about it. But also, there is no problem to fix. You see, two things can be true at once, gang. Something can be happening while not happening at all. What DeSantis will courageously do is… uhhh, something that needs not be done. Did you hear me, Apple, and Google?”

In the interview, DeSantis also took a shot at Arizona’s Kari Lake, saying, “Listen, if Kari wanted to be Governor so badly, she should have thought about that before only leading by 16 points on election day and all the day-of ballots were corrupted.  

Update: Upon hearing DeSantis’s criticism of Lake, Shapiro became so astonished and astounded his head did, in fact, explode.   

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