Kamala Harris: ‘The Debate Stage Is No Place For A Debate’

Kamala Harris: ‘The Debate Stage Is No Place For A Debate’

VP hopeful, Kamala Harris, brought things into focus Wednesday night when she reminded Americans that the debate stage is no place for a debate. 

Mike Pence accused her of trying to pack the Supreme Court tighter than a Chipotle Burrito, and she stopped him dead in his tracks. 

“No.  This is not the time, nor the place for a debate,” snapped Harris.  “This is a debate stage…not a platform to express ideas.  There will be plenty of time to talk about my policies after the election.

Throughout the debate, Harris pled the fifth a dozen times and at one point, dodged a question in a Matrix-like way as if it were an actual bullet. 

The moderator is being accused of harassing a black woman of color after repeatedly peppering Harris with questions.

“Asking questions is not the job of the moderator!” Chris Wallace snapped.  “The job of a debate moderator, dating back centuries, is to tell the citizenry how awful Donald Trump is!”

Mike Pence did have a touching moment when a bald eagle flew into the building and made a nest in his hair.  “This administration loves America and what we’re seeing up top of my head here happens all the time,” Pence said.  “But it is true that most wildlife is intimidated by Donald Trump’s hair.”

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