Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign Slogan Draws Criticism

Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign Slogan Draws Criticism

Shortly after Joe Biden formally announced his 2020 Presidential run, his campaign released their slogan, “Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife” and immediately faced backlash.

“We just felt we should take Joe’s biggest liability and use it to our advantage” said Biden’s campaign manager Dawn Mason. “The first thing other Democrats are going to do is warn everyone Joe’s gonna grab you, smell your hair and give you an open mouth kiss. This takes that line of attack right off the table.”

While that logic was airtight, a flash poll actually showed the slogan reminded voters Joe Biden is a serious predator who will pounce at your loved ones if given the chance.

Update: The Biden campaign is hoping to change the slogan to “Biden For America”, but the former VP is now insisting on his original slogan “The White Obama”.

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