China And Iran Strike Historic Agreement On Who Gets To Blackmail Joe Biden First

China And Iran Strike Historic Agreement On Who Gets To Blackmail Joe Biden First

Dictators in China and Iran have reached a historic agreement regarding which country will be allowed to blackmail Joe Biden first.

Like all of Biden’s illegal dealings, details of the negotiations were leaked.

“Ok, everyone relax!  We’ll all have plenty of time to blackmail Joe and weaken America.” George Stephanopoulos yelled on a Zoom call with foreign leaders.  “Now who blackmailed Hillary last?  Ok, Libya, you’ll need to get to the back of the line.  Oh, for the love of—will someone tell Yemen to mute their phone?”

The agreement shows that Chinese President, Xi Jinping, will go first.  He will use the pictures of Joe pretending to be Obama in blackface to halt all American manufacturing.  Next, Iran will get four of America’s nuclear warheads in exchange for not releasing Hunter Biden’s rap album titled: Lil’ Cracker’s Crack (Featuring The Big Guy).

“With so much blackmail material out there, we felt we needed to organize everything,” Stephanopoulos reported.  “A Biden presidency will fairly and responsibly sell-out Americans in an orderly fashion.”

Suburban moms everywhere were thrilled with this agreement because all the pictures seemed to show the dictators having a good time and being nice.

“These foreign leaders look so much happier with Biden in charge,” a suburban mom commented.  “Donald Trump always made the foreign leaders look so nervous—and that’s no way to run a bake-sale.”

Update:  All of their husbands’ jobs will go overseas, but the media has assured them they will do so in a very nice way.  

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